Client: Leading Global Oil and Gas Company

The Context

Our client was undergoing a major investment to maintain their status as an industry leader. This full-scale transformation included creating and staffing a streamlined future-state organization of more than 600 roles to align with modernizing facilities and optimized processes. Initially, Bravanti was selected to help HR and leaders finalize role design for the future-state structure, as well as manage and implement the selection process, tools, data, and communications to staff the new organization. As our trusted partnership evolved, Bravanti was later engaged to provide team effectiveness coaching to the leadership team, ongoing HR project management support, and organization effectiveness consulting.

Our Approach

Bravanti took the following approach to help position our client for success:

  • Role Design: Led chartering sessions to help leaders design organization structures; provided a process and tools for design, and then managed the creation of more than 100 role profiles. Created detailed organization charts to finalize design and staffing decisions
  • Assessment and Selection: Created and administered surveys to more than 600 employees to gather input on desired future roles; designed competency-based assessment completed by managers. Facilitated selection panels to select employees for new roles
  • Change & Communications: Responsible for facility-wide communication efforts, including leader talking points and presentations, employee email updates, FAQs, mailings, and other methods. Engaged leaders to take a visible role in messaging
  • Team Effectiveness: Conducted team effectiveness coaching program for leadership team, including dynamic team sessions, individual awareness-building, and feedback
  • HR Project Management: Advised HR team and helped build internal project management and communication processes and capabilities
  • Organization Effectiveness: Engaged one year after major structural changes were implemented to diagnose their impact and effectiveness, identify opportunities for improvement, then work with a cross-functional team to develop action plans. Also provided ongoing project management support for additional staffing changes

The Results

The client was well-positioned to deliver the modernization project, one of its most critical business initiatives. All deadlines for the transformation were met and stakeholder expectations were exceeded. A fair, consistent, and comprehensive selection process balanced employee needs with organizational and legal requirements. Most employees received a role that was one of their top three choices. Leadership proactively solicited employee ideas and concerns, increasing engagement and buy-in. The leadership team was better aligned, with greatly improved working relationships and increased organizational performance.

Our Expertise

Assessment and Selection, Role Design, Change Management & Communications, Team Effectiveness, Organization Effectiveness

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