Bravanti is fortunate to enjoy deep and lasting relationships with our clients and we value their feedback. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

“They did a fantastic job delivering purpose-driven leadership training that has been extremely well-received and appreciated by the participants. We look forward to an ongoing partnership as we continue to grow and develop our workforce.”

Jeremy Otahal
Executive Director of Human Resources, Gas Technology Institute

“I have very much enjoyed every moment of my partnership with you all! You are absolutely one of my favorite partners to work with. I’ve learned so much from you all and I’m a better person for knowing you.” 

Director, High Potential Leadership Development, Large Regional Health System

You’ve worked your magic once again, especially with this particular group of people. This continues to be the best investment we make as an organization.”

CEO, global energy industry organization

“The team is passionate about helping our leaders excel and leverage the most current and innovative approaches. They coach our leadership team and encourage us to embrace change, while also helping us navigate the unchartered waters. Navigant sees them as a true partner on our leadership development journey.”

Angela Abbott
Senior Manager, Human Capital – Learning & Professional Development

“The employee engagement [in the outplacement program] is starting to pay off. The verbal feedback [on our workshop] was fabulous, and each person said they were going to tell their coworkers, so I expect word-of-mouth to spread and our workshops to start filling up. 

I know each of us at the site feel privileged to be doing this work, so thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this project!”

Bravanti Career Coach

“They gave our leaders the tools they need to work optimally with their teams and handle challenges and opportunities more effectively. The team was highly responsive and flexible, providing us a customized coaching program with a great mix of content and formats that worked well for our organization. Our leaders completed the program feeling better equipped to coach their teams.”

Kristin Sherman
Chief Financial Officer, VMS BioMarketing

“This was the most impactful single-day presentation training I have ever done!”

“They had realistic, tangible things you could start doing right now to be a better presenter.”

“Perfect balance of instruction and application.”

“I was shocked at the overall improvement by everyone in the session.”

“One of the best training sessions I’ve ever had at Maritz”

Presentation Skills Training Participants at Maritz

“Look around the room and see the changes in your people. The impact this program has made is well worth the investment.”

Action Learning program participant  

“The discussion with my coach helped me in rethinking and rewriting my resume narrowing down on 4 to 5 core strengths and helped me in prioritizing a list of target companies with the highest propensity to these strengths. That in combination with the online trainings helped in getting and preparing for interviews with potential new employers.”

Kurt Staelens
Group President, Sears Holdings

“Your support and professionalism helped me through a period of my life when I needed a trusted advisor the most. You were there for me, always friendly, honest, reliable and dependable . . . pushing me when I needed the push and challenging me when I needed to be challenged.”

Chief Purchasing Officer

“My career coach was instrumental in helping me find my path to a new position. It had been years since I had to interview for a job and I felt like a fish out of water. I had to do the work but my coach helped calm my fears and come to terms with the situation. I took advantage of all the tremendous services and resources that they have to offer and had two job offers within two months.”

Clinical Consultant

“The coaching and guidance I received from my coach were vital in my subsequent success finding employment. She not only provided valuable insight and explanation; she demonstrated genuine interest in making sure my success was realized. I would recommend without hesitation!

IT Director

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your support during my transition. You made a difficult transition much easier by providing me meaningful tools and resources to help me prepare for that next great role. Your coaching, wisdom, insights, and networking help were invaluable in helping me move forward.”

Director, Talent Management

“Thank you for your invaluable guidance during my transition. Your counsel was always insightful and helped me navigate this foreign process of finding a job, while also making it painless and efficient.”

Vice President, Global Operations

“My coach took the time to understand at a remarkably deep level the specific issues affecting me and my organization. He helped me create very meaningful conversations, gave me insight, boosted my confidence, and reinforced my determination to be a better leader.”

CEO, Major Arts Organization

“Working with my coach made me a much more thoughtful and respected leader . . . and a better person overall.”

Senior Managing Director, Investment Management Firm

“The best qualities in my coach were her ability to listen, understand, and fearlessly deliver tough messages in a compelling yet compassionate way. Her coaching always hit the mark and made me a better leader.”

Former Senior Director, U.S. Talent Management, Global Quick Service Restaurant Company

“My coach helped me hit the ground running in a new role very effectively. She helped me navigate complex, changing relationships and team dynamics to become a leader of leaders.”

Chief Group Officer & President, Large Regional Healthcare Organization