LAUNCH Your New Leader

By engaging your new leader and team in productive and proactive dialogue, our coaching accelerates learning and successful integration.


Bravanti’s New Leader and Team Acceleration Program will help to:

  • Speed up the process by which the new leader learns the issues and concerns of the existing leadership team
  • Provide a forum for the team to get to know the leader’s management style and vision for the future
  • Quickly identify issues that must be addressed and areas for team skills building
  • Initiate an open dialogue between the leadership team and the new leader to begin building an effective relationship


Our collaborative approach and focus on practical solutions, measurable results, and superior execution will position your leaders – existing or new – to deliver powerful results for your organization. The session is quick, interactive and builds rapport amongst the team.

  • Create a safe haven for teams to share concerns, hopes and aspirations in an honest and anonymous way
  • Help the leader to validate future plans
  • Reduce the noise that often builds when a new leader joins
  • Build team skills

Help your new leader succeed


We build a trusted and integrity-driven partnership with both your existing executive team and new leaders to deliver:

  • Cohesive alignment between the new leader and leadership team
  • Solid understanding of the new leader’s style, vision for the future, and expectations
  • Accelerated learning and successful integration for the new leader

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