RETAIN Your Valued Employees with INTERNAL MOBILITY

Invest in retaining your valued employees with internal mobility coaching, helping them identify and obtain new roles within your organization.


Change is constant. Business must evolve to meet the needs of changing customer buying habits, ongoing shifts in the economy, and the unrelenting advances of digital technology. The times may demand a strategic reorganization of talent to meet these ongoing challenges.

  • Organizations seek efficient and cost-effective ways to maximize and retain critical talent by supporting valued employees to identify key skills and aspirations and understand how their talents might be valuable in another part of the organization.
  • Stemming attrition and reducing turnover and recruiting costs for in-demand roles requires a smart talent strategy that encompasses promoting and recruiting from within.
  • Employee engagement is a concern for most organizations. Mobilizing your employees internally will increase retention and have a positive impact on engagement and your business.


Through internal mobility coaching, we will:

  • Partner with your HR team to align company needs with employee needs and skills and help identify opportunities for internal mobility within the organization.
  • Coach your employees to embrace new roles within the organization and envision how a different opportunity would look and work for them.
  • Facilitate your employees experience navigating internal job posting system mechanics and processes.
  • Guide your employees on how to ‘screen themselves in’ to opportunities and highlight their transferable skills as they relate to new positions and responsibilities.
  • Help your employees create effective, internally focused resumes that successfully pass through internal talent systems and processes, as well as highlight their accomplishments and relevant skills.
  • Coach individuals to gain knowledge and improve their confidence in their interviewing skills, guiding them to successful internal interview outcomes.

Strategically reorganize your talent with internal mobility.


  • Retain and Motivate Key Talent – Your valued employees will gain increased confidence in their skills and knowledge.
  • Reduce Hiring Costs – Cut the time and money spent looking to fill and onboard critical positions while reducing unemployment costs by retaining these employees.
  • Increase Internal Workforce Agility – Enhance your organization’s ability to respond to volatile market changes and pivot your talent to low-volume work areas to high-demand areas of business.
  • Retain Institutional Knowledge –The organization will retain critical institutional knowledge, with employees who already know your culture, and are able to maximize internal productivity and agility.
  • Establish a Culture that is transparent about promoting internal mobility, which gives talented employees an added reason to choose to continue to invest in building their careers within the organization.

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