Your WOMEN Leaders

Women face unique challenges in their journeys to leadership. Our team of former high-powered women executives – now coaches and leadership experts – can help smooth the way with customized leadership acceleration and coaching programs designed to help your organization retain and advance women leaders.


  • Does your organization lack a pipeline of women leaders who are ready to move to the next level?
  • Does your organization struggle to retain and promote your high-talent women?
  • Are your clients demanding that the teams who call on them include women?
  • Do you need to address skills gaps for high-potential female leaders?


Multiple factors, reasons, and barriers exist that prevent women from making it into leadership positions. It is not enough to just work with female leaders. We believe that for lasting change to occur, a business must meet change on three levels: individual, group, and organizational.

The way to grow women leaders is to help them recognize and build on their strengths and uniqueness.

Customized programs for women leaders include:

  • Accelerated development programs
  • Career skills workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Peer coaching groups
  • Women’s conferences
  • Client events for women

Grow your women leaders


Because women often find that they are the “only” one in a group, women leaders benefit greatly from bonding with other women leaders informally for personal and professional support.

Our programs set out to:

  • Increase the number of female executives promoted to higher-level leadership roles
  • Create a pipeline of candidates who will be promoted into roles that are broader in scope, or who will be provided opportunities across the organization
  • Help leaders seek strategic opportunities to create more impact in their current roles and careers
  • Develop a deeper and wider network of peers for support and advice

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