Client: Global Media Company

The Context:

A global media company lacked women and diversity in the C-suite and executive leadership positions. Specifically, they were looking to increase the number of women promoted to higher-level leadership roles over the next 1- 3 years. The client had recently been acquired, and the parent company had a much more diverse culture so they partnered with Bravanti to develop a pipeline of high-talent women to be viewed as candidates for upper management roles.

Our Approach:

Bravanti designed and facilitated a 9-month leadership development pipeline program for 15 of the identified high-potential women. The Leveraging Internal Future Talent (LIFT) program comprised of (3) 1 ½-day in-person skills sessions, 1:1 coaching, sponsorship, targeted 360 review process, and pulse check surveys. The program:

  • Increased awareness of the challenges faced by women in leadership and developed skills/strategies to mitigate them while understanding and leveraging unique talents and strengths
  • Demonstrated an executive view of the business
  • Identified opportunities to lead change through the art of collaboration and influence
  • Taught participants how to project a powerful executive presence
  • Helped participants create and articulate an inspiring leadership vision

Additionally, sponsorship was a key element incorporated into this program. There was active involvement by the top leaders as sponsors for each member of the cohort. Sponsors met with their recipient throughout the program to provide leadership insights, perspective, guidance, and advice.


  • 86% improved their awareness of their strengths and development areas as a leader throughout the program.
  • 71% improved their confidence level through the program.
  • All alumni participate in post-program activities and events.
  • Additionally, participants noted the following highlights:
    • The face-to-face time with participants, coaches, sponsors, executive leadership, and guest speakers was highly valued.
    • The coaches’ perspectives were welcomed and the personalized 1:1 coaching was impactful.
    • The connection that the participants formed with each other as peers was a highlight of the program and will benefit the company performance going forward.

Our Expertise:

High-Potential Leadership Acceleration, Leadership Development, 1:1 Coaching

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