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Times have changed. Career paths – even life paths – are no longer linear. Your leaders and people at all levels are your greatest assets – and many have made indelible impacts on your organization. When the time comes for them to consider a next step, they may need help developing a plan of what to do in retirement.

As they prepare to exit the organization, consider their options, and move toward a new future, they remain invaluable brand ambassadors for your organization. Be a thought partner with them as they explore their next act.


  • Does your organization have a comprehensive succession and workforce plan that includes methods of thoughtfully transitioning separating employees into their next chapter?
  • Is your company seeking alternatives to the traditional idea of outplacement and career transition by helping employees explore different paths or retirement ideas, such as board roles, entrepreneurial endeavors, mentorship opportunities, or speaking/writing professions?
  • Do your exiting employees need additional counsel beyond the conventional financial impacts to design a non-traditional life path?
  • Do you need tools to contribute to an alumni community for your brand?


Bravanti’s Next Act program supports  those considering retirement ideas or a new life chapter the opportunity and framework to:

  • Take a holistic approach to envisioning their future
  • Understand facts, emotions, concerns, and questions related to the next stage in life
  • Explore passions, dreams, and possibilities as they consider what to do in retirement
  • Review past contributions; affirm strengths, needs, and values; establish priorities
    and set goals
  • Identify opportunities, evaluate options, and validate choices
  • Develop a thoughtful script and plan for action

Your people can develop a plan for
their next career and life chapter


A well-designed Next Act program pays off for both the transitioning employee and the organization by:

  • Championing your dedicated and experienced leaders through challenging career transition
  • Eliminating uncertainties in succession planning and strengthening your workforce management by retaining institutionalized knowledge
  • Amplifying a strong brand message of people-centric operations and compassionate care
  • Fostering a stable environment for your remaining team to stay focused on ongoing business and strategic priorities, knowing their exiting colleagues are being supported

Are you an executive preparing for what’s next?

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