Build a LEGACY

It’s a hard truth: Leaders from underrepresented minority groups are still few and far between in the corporate world. Our customized leadership acceleration programs help create diverse leadership pipelines and propel high-potentials from underrepresented groups to leadership ranks.

Your CHALLENGES in Developing DIVERSE Leaders

The number of senior leaders who are underrepresented minorities is low; therefore, developing a diverse and inclusive pipeline of leaders is a critical corporate strategy

  • Does your organization lack a pipeline of diverse high-talent leaders from underrepresented groups?
  • Do these potential underrepresented leaders lack skills necessary to implement the business strategy?
  • Does your diverse talent struggle to connect with other peer groups and find sponsorship at the executive level?
  • Does your organization miss opportunities by lacking diverse points of view and creative thinking?

Our APPROACH with Leadership Programs for Underrepresented Groups

We help organizations build a legacy of diversity and inclusion, which goes beyond statistics and fosters an environment that encourages the recruitment, development, and enhancement of underrepresented groups.

Customized programs for underrepresented groups include:

  • Accelerated development programs
  • Career skills workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Peer coaching groups
  • Inclusion conferences
  • Employee resource groups

Create a Diverse Leadership Pipeline


Providing a leadership development program and mentoring for underrepresented minorities will create a diverse candidate pool and will result in more senior leaders who are role models for other minorities.

Our programs set out to:

  • Increase competence for underrepresented groups in the areas of leadership, confidence and courage, executive presence, communication, influence, and presenting strategic ideas
  • Create a cohort of underrepresented minorities companywide
  • Increase the pipeline of underrepresented minorities companywide
  • Help underrepresented minorities gain broad knowledge of the company and its leaders
  • Provide senior level leaders as sponsors for underrepresented groups


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