Bravanti helps leaders, people, and organizations find the power within to lead bravely and be prepared to meet challenges and seize opportunities in a continually uncertain business environment. Our name is forged from braveto face challenges with courage and conviction and avanti a rallying cry to move forward into the future. Bravanti means to go courageously forward, leading bravely and focused on igniting bold futures.

Our services include executive coaching, executive team optimization, new leader and team acceleration, leadership acceleration – especially for women and underrepresented groups – and outplacement services, including executive advisory and Next Act.

Bravanti is headquartered in Chicago with 1,000 consultants
in 30 countries around the world.


Our core values drive everything we do, every day:


A hunger and drive to do great work always

Kindness and respect

Unequivocal qualities we demand of ourselves and deliver to our clients


Extraordinary client experiences and results that make a difference


Loyalty and reliability that fuel lasting relationships

Why work at BRAVANTI?

Bravanti’s customized approach distinguishes us from our competitors. We believe that every client is unique, and we bring the same philosophy to our employees. We recognize that every professional is an individual, with unique talents, interests, and areas for growth. We offer various types of job opportunities, from full-time consulting to part-time, contract, or project-based work. We are proud to focus on creating a culture of:

  • Inclusivity: We bring every team member’s mind, skills, and experiences to bear in developing and implementing creative, successful solutions for our clients. No voice is insignificant.
  • Collaboration: The power of teamwork is everywhere you look at Bravanti. We avoid the silo approach and work across teams, across offices, and across oceans to deliver for our clients.
  • Balance: We offer the variety, excitement, learning, and challenges that come with consulting, without the “road warrior” lifestyle.
  • Growth: As part of the Bravanti team, you will have incredible opportunities to learn, grow, take on new challenges, learn new skills, and develop and implement creative solutions.
  • Relationships: Our goal in every assignment is to earn the trust of our clients through extraordinary service, expertise, and results. This is how we build lasting relationships that have a positive impact on our clients and our careers.

Become a part of something bold

Current Opportunities: