Create an AUTHENTIC Environment

Diverse and inclusive cultures are more successful. Bringing varied backgrounds and viewpoints to the table results in a more diverse workplace, better decision making, and higher business impact. If your organization is struggling to start difficult conversations around race, or to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture, we have solutions.


  • Is your senior leadership struggling with how to start difficult conversations around race?
  • Does your organization lack a pipeline of diverse high-talent leaders from underrepresented groups?
  • Does your organization need a systemic approach to understanding and addressing equity?
  • Do your organization and senior leadership struggle to create and foster an inclusive culture?


To create a truly diverse workplace, organizational change must occur, and the culture of the organization must be factored in. If the culture is not aligned with the leader’s or group’s vision for change, then the company’s values, norms, mores, etc., can override the goals for change. Our approach supports strategic planning and execution, as well as cultural alignment for the organization.

Initiatives include:

  • Culture assessment (focused on DE&I)
  • Creating and leading DE&I councils
  • Developing diverse leadership pipelines
  • Measuring progress on DE&I
  • Guided conversations about race
  • Coaching and sponsoring across differences
  • Leading inclusive teams and meetings

Create a unique & authentic environment


Bravanti’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives set out to:

  • Create a unique and authentic environment for learning, building trust, and strengthening connections
  • Procure buy-in and support for programs and events that bring awareness to DE&I in the workplace
  • Engage employees in DE&I conversations and training
  • Increase inclusive decision making to promote diversity in senior leaders and diverse ideas


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