Client: Software Solutions Company

The Context:

A cutting-edge software solutions company recognized the need to explore growth opportunities resulting in the decision to acquire another company that brought broader global market reach. The CEO recognized the need to partner with Bravanti to merge and align the newly formed organization and help the team powerfully come together to drive business results.

Our Approach:

  • Bravanti conducted a series of 1:1 interviews to gain insight into the hopes, dreams, and hesitations of each leader to lay the foundations for the coaching journey, the new company, and the future together.
  • The team created a thematic report that summarized interview findings and acted as a springboard for the team sessions.
  • A series of team coaching sessions allowed the team to get to know each other, foster a collective vision, and establish goals for the newly formed Leadership Team.
  • Within the team coaching sessions, the approach focused on several critical areas:
    o Gaining trust
    o Mastering conflict
    o Commitment
    o Accountability
    o Results
  • Individual spot coaching with each team member addressed specific challenges or opportunities as they arose.


  • The process dramatically accelerated the speed that team members were able to get to know one other and understand the cultural nuances on the global team.
  • A stronger level of interpersonal understanding laid the groundwork for enhanced collaboration, more effective communication, and the ability to challenge each other.
  • More awareness of the team’s collective capabilities allowed for more informed decision-making and optimized utilization of talent within the organization.
  • The team established alignment around the strategy which had commitment and buy-in from all team members.
  • The team successfully role modeled the desired behaviors to the newly merged organization.

Our Expertise:

Team Coaching, Supporting a Merger Integration, Team Alignment on Strategy

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