Client: Global Leader in Financial Services

The Context

Our leading financial services client was undertaking a new, innovative approach to developing their global high-potential leaders. They saw opportunity to increase strategic thinking and leadership capabilities, and create real impact for the business. The client sought a learning experience for a group of ~15 leaders spanning the globe. They needed a program with a combination of virtual and in-person sessions, maximizing engagement and minimizing travel costs. Bravanti was selected as a partner based on our leadership development expertise and track record of creating customized, blended learning solutions.

Our Approach

Bravanti leveraged needs assessment data, including competency ratings for participants, to design a robust, multi-phase action learning program.

  • The first phase focused on strategic thinking; participants worked in small groups to employ a strategic thinking process and tools to address high-priority business opportunities and challenges identified by senior leadership. Bravanti delivered several webinars to share key information and tools, create dialogue among participants, and facilitate the action learning approach
  • Ultimately, the global high-potentials shared their proposed solutions and business cases in-person, which were evaluated for implementation
  • The second phase of the program leveraged a peer learning approach to further develop leadership capabilities. Through webinars and phone sessions, members learned and practiced using a coaching model with their peer mentors to enhance self-awareness to guide others’ development
  • Throughout the program, senior business leaders were engaged to provide input on program design and act as coaches to each of the action learning teams. Bravanti facilitators also provided ongoing coaching and mentoring to participants

The Results

The program resulted in increased abilities and resources to identify, assess, develop, and present actionable, strategic solutions to senior leadership. The client generated relevant, innovative solutions to address organizational priorities, and the CEO was highly impressed with the quality of the action learning teams’ work. Another outcome was enhanced leadership capabilities among the high-potentials at the personal, team, and organizational levels. The program fostered high levels of engagement, and coaching skills were embedded throughout the organization to be leveraged going forward in relevant teams and working relationships. At the end of the project, the company benefited from strengthened relationships, collaboration, and problem solving among global leaders, and leaders were able to deliver a cost and time-effective program via the virtual platform.

Our Expertise

Leadership Development, Career Development, Training Design & Delivery

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