Client: Pharmaceutical, National Health & Wellness Retailer

The Context

The organization’s global diversity group hosted a two-day conference for 250 of its top women leaders in director and above positions. The theme of the conference was “Own Your Success.” The conference was focused on empowering female leaders to learn, work, grow, and develop together; to drive their own development, life course, and career, while also supporting others to do so. As the organization’s executive coaching provider of choice, Bravanti was approached by conference organizers to provide individual coaching sessions for participants on the second day of the conference. The focus of coaching would be to build upon personal leadership topics and reinforce conference themes, such as executive presence, personal effectiveness, and branding.

Our Approach

Leaders were invited to sign up for a 40-minute coaching session prior to the conference.

  • Each leader was matched with an executive coach before the conference, based upon career and biographical information
  • Bravanti organized 70 coaching sessions, delivered by 13 executive coaches, in multiple rounds throughout the day
  • To maximize time, a coaching prep tool was developed and distributed prior to the conference, allowing leaders to establish a coaching objective they would like to explore. This enabled a targeted focus that drilled down to pertinent action commitments

The Results

After an extremely successful and empowering conference, all the women arrived to the coaching sessions motivated, engaged, and “ready to play.” Leaders identified and focused on individual key leadership competencies and quickly turned ideas into action. All participants completed their coaching sessions with concrete action commitments, and reported a sense of confidence and empowerment for driving their own development, life course, and career. Though full coaching engagements were not offered as a follow-up, many participants indicated they would request further coaching.

Our Expertise

Executive Coaching

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