Client: Real Estate Investment Trust

The Context

In a move to vertically integrate their service offering, our client acquired a partner company with drastically different operations, roles, and capabilities. They needed to quickly integrate their organizational structure and roles, leadership teams, and cultures while keeping employees engaged and focused on responding to a challenging real estate and financial market. Bravanti was engaged to provide strategic counsel as well as hands-on implementation and project management support to help the company drive an efficient and effective integration process.

Our Approach

Bravanti partnered closely with senior leaders to translate the business drivers of the acquisition into an effective future-state organization. We:

  • Defined the desired attributes of an integrated company and developed a targeted engagement and communication strategy to reach all relevant stakeholders and reinforce key messages
  • Designed an integration approach to demonstrate desired cultural attributes during the integration period
  • Led project management efforts for 18 integration teams across all business functions to maintain progress against aggressive integration timelines. Provided and trained on a robust integration toolkit for use by each team
  • Planned and facilitated monthly town hall meetings and two-way communication forums to convey key messages and identify and address employee concerns
  • Key leaders worked with our coaches to facilitate onboarding, engagement, and alignment with desired behaviors for individuals in roles most impacted by the integration

The Results

Leaders demonstrated commitment to desired behaviors in the integrated organization, and better communication occurred across and within teams. Leaders adopted a deeper understanding of company strategy and each employee’s role in achieving success. The company experienced successful integration of processes, structures, and teams, and all deadlines were met.

Our Expertise

Mergers and Acquisition Support, Organization Design, Project Management, Change Management