Client: International Healthcare Provider

The Context

The client, an international healthcare company, sought to design and facilitate a customized training program in its Latin American (LATAM) region to highlight the critical competencies of its new business strategy. The training needed to incorporate the demonstration and development of the three competencies in an engaging manner for its LATAM audience. The project required close collaboration with the company’s senior HR leadership team in its U.S. headquarters, as well as senior leaders in its LATAM region, to ensure the training material was in alignment with the company’s business strategy.

Our Approach

Bravanti collaborated with the company’s senior HR leadership team to review the new business strategy and training program needs. We:

  • Interviewed 10 key LATAM stakeholders within the company to develop a storyboard for the training, exercises, and case studies to be used in the training sessions
  • Held weekly client meetings to tailor design and review the training materials and facilitator notes to ensure that Bravanti’s design complemented the LATAM culture
  • Created an innovative training board game based on several real-world business scenarios extracted from key stakeholder interviews, to ensure the training program was both interactive and impactful for its respective participants
  • Following this phase, the company requested that Bravanti translate, facilitate, and train the trainers for all of its competency training sessions across various LATAM regions

The Results

The overall competency training program was universally praised by the U.S. and LATAM client teams. The senior HR leadership team and local participants appreciated the program for its originality, creativity, relevance, and ability to engage the audience.

Our Expertise

Leadership Development, Instructional Design, Train the Trainer, Translation, Facilitation

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