Client: Financial Services Firm

The Context

As in-person banking was losing traffic due to the popularity of online banking, a full-service, growing financial services firm decided to close some brick-and-mortar branches. Despite the closures, many other internal positions still needed to be filled. Rather than lose strong talent with a good cultural fit, the organization’s goal was to retain those impacted by branch closures in a different capacity. They turned to Bravanti, a trusted career transition services partner, to assist them in reaching their goal.

Our Approach

Bravanti partnered with the organization to retain valued employees using internal career mobility coaching. While preserving employee engagement across the organization, we helped fill open roles faster with more certainty of fit.
The approach included:

  • Coaching employees on how to ‘screen themselves in’ to opportunities and highlight their transferable skills as they relate to new positions and responsibilities
  • Coaching employees to embrace new roles within the organization and envision how a different opportunity would look and work for them
  • Coaching individuals to gain confidence, knowledge, presentation skills through sophisticated tools, guiding them to understand internal interview effectiveness
  • Guidance on navigating the internal job posting system mechanics and processes for optimal job matches and opportunities
  • Partnering with individuals to create effective resumes that successfully passed through internal talent systems
  • Partnering with the HR team to align employees‘ skills with position openings


  • Retained key talent who gained increased confidence in their skills and knowledge
  • Reduced costs – Client cut the time and money spent looking to fill and onboard critical positions and  Career Coaching reduced unemployment costs by retaining these employees.
  • Retention of institutional knowledge – The impacted employees maintained institutional knowledge, already knew the culture, and maximized internal productivity and agility.
  • Improved employee engagement and loyalty – Employees were pleased to get the support and one person stated, “I do not want to work for any other company.” The client invested in its people to add to a healthy workplace culture, promote employee loyalty, and contribute to business success.

Our Expertise

Internal Mobility, Career Coaching, Career Transition

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