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Our annual list of most-read business, leadership, and career resources is back and 2022 was filled with ideas, insights, and how-to’s for accelerating performance on a wide range of topics. 

From examining the impact and return of executive coaching to exploring the role of HR in business strategy, these resources provide valuable insights and guidance for business leaders who want to optimize their performance and drive success for their organizations. 

We hope you find these resources helpful and look forward to creating many more in 2023 and beyond! 

Top Business Resources

Knowledge sharing is the single greatest resource for building, scaling, and optimizing business performance. Throughout 2022, our experts shared their insights to help business leaders stay current on industry trends and best practices, navigate complex business challenges, and gain valuable perspectives and inspiration. Here were the top business resources in 2022. 

Executive Coaching Research Report: Impact & Return

Executive Coaching Research Report: Impact & Return With the accelerating growth and popularity of executive coaching, business leaders know there’s immense value in it, even if quantifying that value can sometimes challenging. That’s why we published Executive Coaching Research Report: Impact & Return, a detailed report on the value derived from executive coaching.  

The study examined a global cross-section of Bravanti’s senior executive coaching clients from 2015 to 2020, using a proprietary system to track and measure the tangible and intangible impact areas of executive coaching. The results support the growing body of research proving that executive coaching is a highly effective resource in taking individual, team, and organizational performance to new heights. Simply put, executive coaching works.   

Download Executive Coaching Research Report: Impact & Return > 

Podcast: Culture and Connection: Optimizing the Employee Experience for Impact and Growth Featuring Michelle Hay and Joshua Smith of Sedgwick 

Culture and ConnectionAttracting and retaining top talent is a key driver in organizational success, but how do you integrate that into the core of your employer brand? At Sedgwick, the focus is on connection.   

In the latest episode of our Taking the Lead podcast series, Bravanti’s Managing Director, Global Executive Coaching Mary Herrmann spoke with Sedgwick’s Michelle Hay, Global Chief People Officer, and Joshua Smith, Global Head of Talent, about the connection and the role it plays in optimizing the Sedgwick employee experience for greater retention and stronger workplace culture. 

Listen to Culture and Connection: Optimizing the Employee Experience for Impact and Growth > 

What Are Outplacement Services and What Are Their Benefits?

What are Outplacement ServicesIf you aren’t entirely sure what outplacement services are, who they’re for, and why they’re important, you aren’t alone. Outplacement services are an often-misunderstood concept, perhaps because it’s a relatively new practice compared to other aspects of business. Since its earliest origins in post-World War II military veteran transition, outplacement has grown into a $2 billion global industry helping to support career transition during challenging times.  

In this article, we address some of the most common questions around outplacement services so you can make the most informed decision for your company’s needs.  

Read What Are Outplacement Services and What Are Their Benefits? > 

5 Ways HR Can Impact Business Strategy

HR Impacts Business StrategyThis article is a long-time favorite among our audiences as it answers an age-old question: how can HR truly impact overall business strategy? HR leaders have a finger on the pulse of all aspects of their organization, creating a unique and imperative role they have in developing and executing organizational business strategy. 

From helping diagnose how well the organization is aligned for effectiveness, to securing the tools and competencies needed for successful organizational change, this article outlines the top five ways HR can shape the business strategy. 

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Top Leadership Resources

Leading others is no small task and becoming a great leader is a life-long commitment to learning, listening, reflecting, and growing. Seeking tools, insights, feedback, experiences, and guidance is a continuous endeavor that will help accelerate your leadership development. Here are the top resources our experts created in 2022 to guide and support your leadership aspirations. 

Journeys in Leadership Video Series

Journeys in LeadershipJourneys in Leadership lets you hear from Bravanti’s executive coaches who dive into topics that help you become a stronger leader such as creating inclusive environments, inspiring a winning team, and leadership accountability.  

During a time that demands resilience and courageous leadership, our executive coaches are working with global business leaders to embrace change and create impact in their organizations. Top videos from 2022 include The Relationship Between Trust & Commitment (Episode 17), High-Performing Teams (Episode 15), and Psychological Safety (Episode 13).  

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What is Executive CoachingWhat is Executive Coaching? Benefits & Examples

Executive coaching is a powerful tool for both individuals and the organizations they lead. As one of the most in-demand professional development tools today, it’s important to understand what it is and how it can transform individuals into high-performing leaders. 

In this article, we cover everything from what coaching is, who it’s for, how it helps individuals and organizations, and so much more.  

Read What Is Executive Coaching? Benefits & Examples > 

A Leader's Guide to Change Communication[Checklist] The Leader’s Quick Guide to Communicating Change

Business leaders today are faced with more complexities than ever before. Change can take so many forms – from furloughs and layoffs to a full-employment market, and everything in between. With remote or hybrid workforces likely here to stay and continued uncertainty about so many things, communication skills have never been more critical. 

Communicating change, in particular, requires a certain set of skills – let’s call them muscles – that need honing and practice from time to time. Download our communication checklist for a step-by-step guide to tackling the challenges of the unknown and communicating effectively with your people. 

Download The Leader’s Guide to Change Communications > 

How to Get the Most Out of Coaching Sessions

Get the most out of Executive CoachingWorking with an executive coach can be one of the single greatest investments in your leadership development so optimizing your coaching experience is key to getting the highest ROI.  

Bravanti’s Managing Director, Global Executive Coaching Mary Herrmann outlines some important tips for getting the most out of your coaching sessions, including questions to ask before getting started, and tips for during and in between sessions. 

Read How to Get the Most Out of Coaching Sessions >  

Top Career Resources

Whether you’re an established leader looking to take your presence to the next level or kicking off the job search process to find your next career move, we’ve got resources to help you build the career of your dreams.  

Break Your Own Rules: Thinking Patterns that Hold Women Leaders Back (and What to Do About Them)

Break Your Own Rules

Women face unique challenges over the course of their careers, especially as they climb the leadership ranks. While we can’t fix all of these issues ourselves, there are many limiting beliefs and assumptions, what we call “Old Rules,” that can prevent us from achieving the level of success we’re destined to reach.  

In this six-part series, Bravanti’s Managing Directors Kathryn Health, Phd, and Jill Flynn (now retired) outline what these “Old Rules” are while identifying the “New Rules,” or alternative thinking patterns and behaviors, to replace them with. 

Read Break Your Own Rules, Part 1: Take Center Stage > 

8 Interview Tips for Seasoned Applicants

Interview Tips for Seasoned ProfessionalsStarting a job search later in your career can be as daunting as interviewing for your first job, but for very different reasons. You might be concerned that your experience will be seen as an overqualification or that there will be assumptions about your age as a factor of productivity, capability, or culture fit.  

Fortunately, there are ways you can prepare to counter these concerns and others. In this blog post, Bravanti Career Coach Pat Cross shares eight interview tips to help you navigate that upcoming interview with confidence.   

Read 8 Interview Tips for Seasoned Applicants > 

Attitude Matters: How Your Mindset Affects Your Job Search

How your Mindset affects your job searchYou can have a top-notch resume, a captivating LinkedIn profile, and a strong professional network, but if you’re going through the job search process without the right mindset, you’ll only get so far.  

No matter what you’re attempting to do in life; your attitude and your belief systems are always with you and how you think about things and what you believe greatly influences the outcomes in your life. In this article, Bravanti Senior Career Coach Clair Walsh shares three ways to create and maintain a positive job search attitude. 

Read Attitude Matters: How Your Mindset Affects Your Job Search >  

Bringing You More Business, Leadership, and Career Resources in 2023

We hope you found these articles helpful. Our mission is to help bold leaders and organizations move courageously forward and we’ll continue sharing our knowledge, tools, and insights to that end.   

If you’d like to discuss how Bravanti can support your business, leadership, or career goals in 2023, schedule a free consultation to learn more.  

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