CHICAGO (Feb. 16, 2023) – Successful women leaders who make it to the top ranks of their organizations share three common behaviors: tenacity, agility, and curiosity.

According to recent research by Bravanti, these women also share three contributing factors that mattered most throughout their careers: clarity of purpose and personal brand; accurate assessment of their situation; and courage and confidence to act.

The research, available in their new report Pivotal Moments for Women Leaders: Executives Reveal the Keys to Career Momentum, is based on a study of women leaders whose collective experience spans more than 75 corporations across an array of fields.

During in-depth interviews, these women leaders described career points, behaviors, and mindsets that fueled their momentum, resulting in real stories of triumph, failure, trial and error, and the pivotal decisions that helped them to get a seat at the table.

“Women leaders want momentum. They want experiences that are challenging and that help them grow. Organizations who want to retain top talent must ensure that their critical roles are open and supportive to women,” says Susan Gallagher, President & CEO of Bravanti.

The Pivotal Moments report includes guidance for organizations, helping C-suite members and talent leaders to:

  • Understand the factors that accelerate career trajectory for women leaders, helping them to recognize and build on their strengths and unique capabilities.
  • Integrate and replicate proven opportunities into existing DEI initiatives for greater reach and impact.
  • Create systemic change that improves retention of women talent.

The interviews revealed many ways for women to create momentum and for organizations to support them in this quest. The outcome will be better leadership, better organizations, and a better future of work.

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