Client: Global Management Consulting Firm

The Context

A global management consulting firm had three high performers they wanted to develop into stronger leaders: an accomplished physician, a highly skilled data analyst, and a long-tenured labor specialist. The firm was also adjusting to many internal and market changes following a merger with another global consulting firm. With widely varying backgrounds and experience, each participant brought distinct strengths and areas for improvement to their executive coaching engagements. Development areas included: flexibility, delegation, confidence, communication, strategic focus, executive presence, and collaboration.

Our Approach

This engagement was unique because the participants formed a peer-coaching “pod” to simultaneously learn collaboratively, bring out the best in each other, and work with their coach to become stronger leaders. This included:

  • Assessments and stakeholder feedback to clearly identify the two or three most significant development opportunities for each individual
  • Bi-weekly coaching and assignments that supported specific goals
  • Alignment meetings between participants, managers, and coach
  • Peer coaching among the participants
  • Engagement wrap-up meetings to assess results, feedback, and ROI


The combination of coaching, learning, and practicing skills helped to clarify role expectations for these participants and exponentially impacted their collective results both within and outside the organization. It also created a lasting bond between the participants in which they could lean on each other for coaching, guidance, and accountability going forward. Results included:

  • Combined $2.8 million in calculated return on the coaching investments
  • Increased top-line revenue of more than $1 million
  • More proactive, flexible, strategic leadership skills
  • Improved communication, feedback, collaboration, delegation, coaching, and engagement with teams
  • New solutions for new or expanded client projects
  • Improved client and stakeholder relationships and stakeholder buy-in
  • Accountability, appreciating differences, reduced conflict, increased productivity
  • Improved executive presence
  • Organizational strength and improved employee retention

Our Expertise

Executive Coaching

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