Client: Large Health Insurance Subsidiary

The Context

The company’s CEO had been the beneficiary of executive coaching as he assimilated into the role. Through the process, he recognized the value for his direct line reports as they led the organization through a culture change and major business transformation. To further support the leadership team as they worked towards achieving their ambitious business objectives, the CEO realized the benefit of team coaching to help the team adapt to the changes taking place and develop healthier team dynamics.

Our Approach

Bravanti implemented its proprietary approach to executive coaching and team coaching, focusing on:

  • Working with both individual executives and the team on self-awareness and more effective communication strategies
  • Engendering a greater sense of partnership and collaboration amongst the team to mitigate silos and foster alignment on goals
  • Learning about healthy conflict and challenging the status quo
  • Building trust through breaking down personal barriers, connecting, and being more open with each other
  • Re-focusing on strategic goals at the individual, team, and organizational levels


  • Executive Coaching recipients estimated $14.2 million worth of benefits from their coaching endeavors.
  • A $7 million cost reallocation as a result of coaching
  • 90% of participants said that the Team Optimization program improved team dynamics to a “great” or “very great” extent
  • Benefits reported included: greater alignment; more effective communication; ability to challenge each other and effectively handle conflict; improved productivity; better collaboration; and role modeling behaviors for the wider organization.
  • The team realized the benefits and committed to ongoing team coaching.

Our Expertise

Executive Coaching, Team Coaching

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