Client: Leading FMCG Company in Europe

The Context

Our client, a leader in one of the largest FMCG sectors in Europe, had been providing coaching for their senior executives in multiple locations for several years. Given the dispersed nature of the organization, it became apparent that the coaching was being delivered by a range of providers, using different methodologies and approaches at contradictory costs and standards. Our client was struggling to keep on top of the engagements, and costs were soaring. Ultimately, coaching was losing credibility and was not centered on driving consistent business results across the organization. Bravanti’s executive coaching practice was asked to align, centralize, and standardize the approach across the whole organization.

Our Approach

Bravanti worked with an internal client team to design an executive coaching model that would be more consistent and effective for the leaders, while streamlining and enhancing tracking and measurement for the organization.

  • The focus of the new model was to provide a consistent approach throughout the organization’s various European geographies and divisions, while remaining flexible to cultural norms. In all cases, Bravanti’s approach standardized the process, included participation of direct managers and key stakeholders, and measured results
  • A key component of our approach was tracking ROI to the organization to demonstrate tangible and intangible impacts on the business

The Results

The integrity of executive coaching was re-established by implementing a consistent methodology, based on global best practices and validated through Bravanti’s ongoing application and analysis. A well-rounded and robust coaching process, focused on driving results, was implemented with ease and clarity, and offered to leaders across the whole of the organization. With one central contact point, our client has been able to track engagements, monitor costs, and uncover leadership themes across the organization.

Our Expertise

Executive Coaching

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