Change is gripping our world. How you respond as a leader is critical and understanding the psychology of change is key to responding with confidence and courage—and the time to lead is now.

In this webinar, Bravanti’s Managing Director of Global Executive Coaching, Mary Herrmann, and Director of Executive Coaching, Jessica Coetzee, examine common psychological reactions to change, what your team needs from you, and how to improve your change leadership skills in real-time.

Watch the change management recording below recording and download the Navigating Change Action Planner to build your own personal change action plan today.

The Time to Lead is Now Change Management Webinar Highlights:

  • Common psychological reactions to change and how to overcome them
  • How to improve your skills to more effectively lead through organizational change
  • What your team and organization need from you as a leader during change
  • A framework for navigating change and how to build your personal change action plan


Download the Navigating Change Action Planner today: