Client: Global Hearing Healthcare Services Provider

The Context

The organization was losing many of its audiologists in the first three years of their employment, after spending significant time and resources on training. The company also observed a sales performance gap of 3x between top and average performers. The company aimed to elevate 10% of its average performers to top performers, and more broadly, to become the undisputed top employer brand for audiologists around the world.

Our Approach

Bravanti developed a 3-phase approach to build a success profile and professional development path supported by innovative learning and development. This included:

  • Conducting qualitative interviews with top audiologists and core team members, and administered psychometric assessments
  • Facilitating a 3-day in-person workshop with 10 top-performing audiologists to determine the drivers, competencies, and specific behaviors of excellent audiologists
  • Conducting a 2-day post-workshop session with shop and regional managers, as well as with top audiologists, to build upon initial findings from the first workshop and finalize the framework of the audiologist excellence profile
  • Analyzing insights captured during the workshops and interviews to create a success profile, along with a global validation and communication process
  • Developing a professional development path in the next phase of the project

The Results

The client was extremely satisfied with the highly engaging workshops and the results of the success profile, describing it as “information rich, sleek, and user-friendly.” Based upon the successful results of Phase 1, the client chose to continue to partner with Bravanti for Phases 2 and 3 of the two-year project, to develop a comprehensive professional development path supported by learning and development content.

Our Expertise

Professional Development, Success/Excellence Profile Development, Professional Path Development, Stakeholder Interviews, Psychometric Assessments

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