Client: Health System

The Context

Our client was revamping their succession management process and needed a set of leadership competencies to clarify performance and behavior expectations for managers. The objective was to develop clear, descriptive competencies to enhance their ability to recruit, manage and develop managers, and enable succession management. After serving as a previous consulting partner for the VP and Director-level succession management processes, Bravanti was engaged to develop and execute a collaborative approach to build the manager-level competency model, involving managers, leaders, and stakeholders across several functions.

Our Approach

Bravanti consultants interviewed cross-functional leaders and current managers to understand the strategic focus of the manager role, responsibilities, skills, and capabilities required for success. We conducted external research on manager competencies in healthcare, and:

  • Administered an online questionnaire for ~90 current managers to rate the most critical competencies for success (selecting from a list of relevant competencies.) Results were analyzed to determine the most important competencies
  • Conducted several focus groups with cross-functional managers to develop the behaviors to support each competency. Compiled and analyzed focus group results
  • Developed detailed leadership competency model for managers, ensuring alignment with Director and VP-level leadership competency models already in place
  • Helped develop presentations for steering committee to facilitate the approval of the process and deliverables

The Results

We developed a well-defined leadership competency model that was relevant for all managers regardless of function. Competencies were established that could serve as the foundation for several talent management programs, from recruitment to development to succession. We engaged stakeholders across key functions and levels to ensure support of the effective and sustainable use of the leadership competency model.

Our Expertise

Competency Model Development

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