CHICAGO (Jan. 23, 2019) | BPI group, the global experts in leadership, talent, and career transition, today released its Executive Employment Trends Annual Report 2018, detailing executive hiring trends based on landing data collected on our Executive Transition Services (ETS) clients who completed their job search in 2018, and compares selected data to findings from 2017.

The Executive Employment Trends Annual Report 2018 includes analysis of the average length of the executive job search, and how the length of the search is impacted by factors such as base salary level, education level, and age.

“Our data reveal that higher-paid, higher-educated executives are landing in their next roles significantly faster than the average of the past 5 years and year-over-year comparisons,” said Steve Spires, Managing Director, Career Services, at BPI group. “This reflects a full-labor economy with record-low unemployment rates, and commensurately high demand for high-level talent.”

Additional key findings include:

  • In a tight labor market, our data shows no evidence of age discrimination in landing rates, shifting commonly held misperceptions about the role of age in hiring.
  • Consistent with previous findings, networking is the overwhelming means (68%) by which executive candidates source new opportunities.
  • A majority of executives surveyed reported that their salaries were the same or better than their previous position, without any other qualitative assessment.

View the Executive Employment Trends Annual Report 2018 here.

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