For small to medium-sized growing businesses, accessing the necessary resources and recruiting the right talent at the right time is a common challenge. BPI group France has partnered with Paris Region Enterprises and HR Labs to develop an innovative new solution to this problem.

Through the Pass Compétences program piloted in the metropolitan Paris region of Ile-de-France, small businesses are able to temporarily contract underutilized talent resources from larger organizations. In addition to supporting growing businesses with necessary skills, the program allows larger organizations to provide employees with temporary external mobility in a new environment, adding an extra dimension to their careers.

“After mobilizing the employees of the large corporations, we work to connect them to local small businesses in need of additional talent. We also work with the employee’s manager and the staff of the local business to manage the exchange, as well as prepare for the employee’s return to their original role,” said Karine Remy, head of the Pass Compétences project, “To facilitate the administration of the project, we’re working with APITALENT, a start-up organization from HR Labs which has developed a web platform dedicated to inter-organizational mobility.”

The project has proven beneficial for all involved. The small businesses have an opportunity to access key expertise to help them grow and develop, while the larger organizations have a new avenue for corporate social responsibility, talent development and retention, as well as new opportunities for older employees interested in exploring new challenges. The employees working on contract assignments have the opportunity to enrich their careers and hone their skills.

Ten large organizations have participated in the program so far, including Thalès, Alcatel, Lucent, and others. If you would like to learn more about the Pass Compétences program, please email us.