MOVE Your Women Leaders FORWARD Faster

The Career Booster for Women Leaders is a workshop that accelerates the development and improves the retention of high-potential women managers while positioning them for promotion opportunities, engagement leadership, and broader leadership roles within their organizations.

The workshop is held over 1.5 days, with coaching during and after, to embed and practice the learning. Led by our expert coaches, the workshops will be virtual, interactive, and experiential.

WHO: High-potential women managers who have the ability to make a bigger impact in your organization

WHAT: Your high-potential women managers will learn how to harness their strengths to craft their professional brand and tell the story of who they are and how they contribute to the organization. They will learn how to analyze and strengthen their networks and create a personal board of directors to support their career progress and excel in their leadership journeys.

WHY: Investing in your people boosts retention, engagement, and productivity, helping your organization achieve its strategic business goals.

WHEN: Held over 1.5 days, with coaching during and after

WHERE: Delivered seamlessly via Zoom, with plenty of opportunity for engagement and interaction

HOW: We combine strength-based skills training with one-on-one individual coaching for greatest impact on the job

NEXT STEPS: Fill out the form below to receive detailed workshop information and to reserve spots for your high-talent women leaders! Space is limited to 24 participants.

Career Booster for Women Leaders