Shifting SKILLS for a CHANGING workforce

In today’s fluid workplace, millions of employees are forced to switch occupations or acquire new skills due to automation, artificial intelligence, changing demographics, or a shifting economy. Help your transitioning employees move forward faster with new and relevant skills.


Equipping your transitioning employees – whether they are experiencing outplacement or career transition – with the most relevant occupational skillsets is imperative to their professional success – and to your employer brand. Challenges may include:

  • How do long-tenured employees meet the demands of today’s competitive job market and find a successful path forward?
  • What kind of skills development do they need?
  • Who can help them navigate the complexities of digital advancements and the technical skills required to advance?
  • How does a reskilling platform accommodate a variety of different demo­graphics and learning styles?


Bravanti provides a combination of high-tech and high-touch resources to deliver the most relevant and useful skills development education for our outplacement and career transition candidates to flourish in any career path they choose. Our approach includes:

  • Connections to Massive Open Online  Courses (MOOCs) that help clients build top-notch job search strategies and showcase professional strengths.
  • Skills-based learning offerings through MOOCs that continually adapt based on forecasted research into future job trends.
  • The thoughtful guidance of an experienced Bravanti career coach to build a tailored learning and skills development plan.

Give your transitioning employees the tools they need to succeed


Our outplacement and career transition clients typically land new jobs 1/3 faster than the market average. Reskilling by learning and adapting their skills is key to that success in today’s marketplace. Results include:

  • Long-tenured employees receive sophisticated guidance to
    evaluate market trends and develop a learning plan to achieve development goals.
  • Individuals enter the job market better prepared to
    successfully compete.
  • Candidates are positioned to continue skills development going forward in their careers, providing for long-term career success.
  • Enhanced employer brand through providing these services to your transitioning employees.