High-Impact, High-Quality Executive Coaching

We take pride in ensuring that our coaches have the skills, background, and experience to meet a broad range of client needs. When you engage our services, you will find coaches who can provide optimal outcomes for your executive coaching, no matter what sector you operate in.

Our rigorous recruiting process ensures that every coach on our team is vetted at the highest levels for competency, experience and coaching education, and credentialed in Bravanti’s proven best-practice methodology. All coaches have completed a coach training program accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Our team of carefully selected coaches is expanding. With nearly 200 coaches available ,
we’re confident we can meet your executive coaching needs.

Our coaches span across the globe

Our GLOBAL Reach

Our coaches span the globe from North America to Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. This brings a diversity of languages including:

+ English

+ Spanish

+ Portuguese

+ Dutch

+ Italian

+ French

+ German

+ Polish

+ Mandarin

+ Cantonese


Bravanti Executive Coaches have an average of 10 year’s experience coaching executives across industries and professions.

Every coach has been trained through an ICF accredited training program.

Corporate Roles

Many of our coaches are former corporate executives, with roles including C-suite, professional boards, department heads, vice presidents, or directors

Corporate HR Experience

About 60% of Bravanti coaches have worked in human resources in various corporations or consulting firms

Corporate Sectors

30% have experience in financial services, marketing/sales, operations/logistics, and professional services

Additional Sectors

10% of Bravanti coaches have worked in other sectors such as legal, information technology, or journalism

Academic Roles

20% have been faculty members
within various institutions
or establishments


20% of Bravanti coaches have built
their own companies
in various
sectors and industries


Our executive coaches are thought leaders, 40% of whom have either published or served as professional keynote speakers or lecturers

PUBLIC SPEAKERS: More than 1/3  have regular speaking engagements in corporate and higher education environments

PUBLISHED AUTHORS: Most have been published through journal articles or books on the subjects of HR, corporate psychology, leadership, self-help, women in leadership, military and defense, support for special needs children, and history



40% hold a
Master’s degree


Nearly 20% hold
an MBA


11% of our coaches have a doctorate

How Can Your Organization Utilize COACHING?

We’ve asked previous clients how and why they have engaged with our executive coaching team. Here’s what they said:
  • To prepare key talent for future expanded leadership roles and responsibilities
  • To understand and maximize organizational internal processes for improved leadership outcomes
  • As a means of enhancing the leadership capability of a high performer
  • To speed up the transition of an individual moving into a significantly different role, or fast-track the integration of an individual into the organization
  • As a strategic investment in an individual in a highly critical role
  • To develop current and future performance outcomes for leaders and their organizations
  • To optimize team performance
  • To build senior executive strategy muscle
  • To empower executives with a personal brand of influential presence
    and communication skills