The U.S. job market has experienced dramatic fluctuations since the onset of the pandemic more than one year ago. With new hope on the horizon due to widespread vaccine distribution, the market is opening up. More jobs are being created, and the workforce is starting to bounce back. BPI group’s Q1 2021 Executive Employment Trends Report provides insights into the current state of the executive job market.

Report trends and coach insights include:

  • Clients continue to land new organizational roles (87%) as opposed to starting new businesses (12%) or retiring (1%).
  • Networking, while still the top attributable source for new positions, fell below 70% for the first time since 2019 – likely due to the lack of in-person networking opportunities during the pandemic, as well as unfamiliarity with online networking.
  • Those at higher levels are being more selective, weighing their options, and not settling for lower salaries. In general, they are being more thoughtful and cautious about their next steps, perhaps due to continuing uncertainty.

The Q1 2021 Annual Executive Employment Trends Report also includes analysis of the average length of the executive job search, as well as how the job search is impacted by an executive’s base salary level, education level, and age. Download our report to discover additional trends and insights from our coaches.

Executive Employment Trends Report Q1 2021

BPI group's Q1 2021 Executive Employment Trends Report Infographic