Podcast Episode 4: Culture, Vision, & Communication: What M&A Leaders Can Teach the World About Leading Through Change, with Rob Brown, CEO of Lincoln International. 

We’re pleased to bring you the latest Taking the Lead podcast featuring Rob Brown, who at the time of the recording was Managing Director and CEO North America, Lincoln International. While the interview was recorded prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are a number of key points that leaders can take away in the context of our current environment. It should be comforting to know that some of the key aspects of leadership still hold. Not everything is new and changing in the uncertain environment we are facing.

  • There is no such thing as over-communicating during a time of change. Now is the time to communicate – early and often – with your team and your people as changes occur rapidly
  • Technology can be both friend and foe. Through various virtual tools, we are all available 24/7. But it’s important to take time for critical thinking and decision making. Schedule time on your calendar with no Zoom meetings so you can think.
  • We still have a multi-generational workforce and people more than ever (and not just younger people) want a purpose-driven organization. Be clear in your mission and communicate that to your people consistently.
  • Consider the “pause principle.” Since we are all moving so quickly it can seem as if decisions must be made on the fly. But before making an important decision, take the time to pause, consider other people’s perspectives, step away for a moment, and come back with a fresh look at the decision.