Client: Leading Animal Health Company

The Context

The marketing department at one of the world’s largest animal health companies had experienced substantial change over the past four years. These changes had resulted in a significant reduction in the workforce which, in turn, impacted the team’s morale. The desire was to invest in a development program to support critical people leaders to unlock their mindsets and capabilities so they could effectively grow as individuals and team leads.

Our Approach

Bravanti believes that to instill an environment of inspirational leadership, leaders must be grounded in their purpose and tap into the hearts and minds of their teams to face their challenges with courage and conviction. We led a multi-faceted Inspirational Leadership Learning Journey. Through this program, the leaders came together for learning and coaching so they could collectively and effectively drive the function forward in an inspiring and consistent way. This included:

  • Virtual Town Hall – the team kicked off the program by hosting a virtual session and sharing their purpose, vision, and objectives
  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment – each participant received individual feedback on their assessment results
  • Virtual Learning Sessions – based on three core leadership fundamentals that define inspirational leadership:
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Leading Through Change
    • Coaching Fundamentals to Develop Others
  • Group Coaching – participants were split into groups and received group coaching to embed the learnings
  • Individual Coaching – each leader received individual coaching sessions


  • All people leaders received tremendous value from the coaching and their partnership with their coach. 100% of participants rated the coaching experience as very or extremely impactful.
  • 75% of participants rated the program as “inspirational.”
  • Leaders cited new behaviors such as listening more profoundly with deep curiosity, more effective coaching of others, and greater trust among their teams, helping them move forward in a more collaborative way. The shifts made have been acknowledged and applauded by project sponsors.
  • The program instilled a desire for the leaders to grow and develop, helped them guide their teams through difficult times, and instilled stability and support for initiatives.
  • Participants referenced the benefit of connecting, learning, and hearing perspectives from one another.

Our Expertise

Expert-led learning sessions, individual and team coaching

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