CHICAGO (March 19, 2018) – The latest Executive Employment Trends Report details executive hiring trends in the fourth quarter of 2017. The report offers visibility into the current executive job market with analyses of the average length of an executive job search and the various factors involved, such as base salary, education level, and age. The findings of the report are based on a nationwide survey of BPI group’s Executive Advisory Services (EAS) clients who began their job searches from Q3 2016 through Q4 2017.

The firm reported that its EAS clients landed new roles in an average of 4.9 months, significantly faster than the national average executive job search length of 5.8 months. Those with a base salary greater than $250,000 landed new roles in an average of 5.3 months in the fourth quarter, and 72 percent reported landing salaries that were equal to or better than their previous position.

“Economic indicators remain strong as the new year gets fully underway,” said Steve Spires, former Managing Director, Career Services. “The demand for skilled workers – including senior-level talent – continues unabated while unemployment remains at record lows.”

“While we continue to see our senior executive clients land successfully in new positions, we’re also tracking other workplace trends, such as the increasingly multi-generational workforce,” said Susan G. Gallagher, Bravanti President & Chief Executive Officer. “Many of our clients are also exploring non-traditional roles or seeking out new, completely different ventures for the ‘second act’ of their careers.”