CHICAGO (July 25, 2019) | BPI group, the global experts in leadership, talent, and career transition, today released its Executive Employment Trends Report Q2 2019, detailing executive hiring trends based on landing data collected on our Executive Transition Services (ETS) clients who completed their job search between Q3 of 2018 and Q2 of 2019.

The Executive Employment Trends Report Q2 2019 includes analysis of the average length of the executive job search, and how the length of the search is impacted by factors such as base salary level, education level, and age.

“We’re seeing that the age range of executives in the job market has gone up, with both the 61+ and the 41-50 age groups increasing by 8%, which is higher than last year,” said Steve Spires, Managing Director, Career Services, at BPI group. “This reflect market trends that show higher numbers of Baby Boomers seeking reemployment or other ways to stay professionally engaged.”

Additional key findings include:

  • In recent months, landing rates have stretched out (5.5 months vs. 4.4 months last year).
  • Landing times were longer, suggesting a potential economic slowdown.
  • There was a significant downward shift (91% to 75%) in executives accepting new roles within an organization, reflecting a corresponding rise in new business start-ups among this group (7 % to 23%).

View the Executive Employment Trends Report Q2 2019 here.