BPI group and the HR Lab announce a strategic partnership that will offer organizations the best in HR and social innovations in order to anticipate and meet HR challenges.

Many studies indicate that within the next five years, nearly 50% of current professions will disappear or will be drastically transformed because of the combined effects of globalization and digitalization. In response to this daunting challenge, an exclusive partnership has been formed between BPI group, a leader in HR support amid economic and social changes, and the HR Lab, an organization consisting of nearly 100 specialized startups, which promotes innovative HR solutions.

The HR Lab is a collective that is highly respected in France by the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry for the Digital Sector, Pôle Emploi [the French National Employment Agency], and companies. BPI group is the lead provider of HR consulting for this unique ecosystem to promote employment.

The official launch of this exclusive partnership was announced on November 26, 2015, in the presence of the Minister of Labor, Employment, Training, and Social Dialogue; the Minister of State for the Digital Sector, attached to the Minister of the Economy, Industry, and the Digital Sector; and the head of Pôle Emploi.

The partnership aims to transform organizations, and to reinvent human resources by drawing on technology, innovation, and organizations’ values and culture.

BPI group and HR Lab have identified shared values to address HR challenges: implementing and standardizing new technologies, guaranteeing a balance of humans and machines within organizations, mobilizing employees in the digital revolution, and suggesting new HR models for the job market in France. This partnership gives organizations the opportunity to use technologies that have been created or that will be developed based on their HR challenges: recruitment, assessment, mobility training, well-being in the workplace, and more. It also allows organizations to speed up innovation processes by incorporating new, agile work methods.

For Sabine Lochmann, President of the Management Board of BPI group, “This partnership epitomizes the DNA of BPI group and its ability to innovate, listen, and be open-minded in order to constantly anticipate and respond to HR challenges.” Thierry Majorel, head of Innovation and Digital Practice, stresses that “through this partnership, we’ll be able to shift our way of thinking, work with our clients to reinvent their human resources, and deliver new approaches in order to stay attuned to the changes in HR jobs and employment, to the benefit of executives, managers, and employees.”