Client: Leading Tax Services Firm

The Context

In a highly competitive marketplace for talent, this global tax firm struggled with a pressing realization; they were losing talent among those in underrepresented groups and they had done very little at the systemic level to prepare them for the leadership pipeline.

As their partners, we developed a comprehensive approach to identify high-potential talent in these groups and a skills-based program to equip them for the future.

Our Approach

After interviews and data review, we designed a highly impactful program to bring these professionals together as a cohort and peer group, cultivate sponsorship, convey their brand with confidence, and master other leadership skills. The program included:

  • A leadership assessment, including 360 interviews
  • Four two-day skills clinics
  • Executive coaching from our seasoned, expert team of executive coaches
  • Group coaching to create bonds within smaller peer groups

The group was also connected to other leaders within the organization from both the dominant groups as well as underrepresented groups for exposure and relationship building


  • Nearly 100 participants over a three-year period, 14% of whom
    were promoted.
  • The program became an ongoing part of the leadership path in the
    organization as each year a new cohort was introduced.
  • Retention improved and focus on underrepresented groups gained
    firm-wide sponsorship and visibility.

Our Expertise

Leadership Skills with Underrepresented Groups, Accelerated Development Programs

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