Client: Pharmaceutical, National Health & Wellness Retailer

The Context

Our client sought a partner to support their Market Vice Presidents (MVPs) through a large-scale, culture change transformation. The MVP role needed repositioning and redefining as the organization was shifting their market position from a traditional drugstore to a daily living destination. The leadership structure needed to become less hierarchical and more collaborative among business units, and develop an increased focus on community involvement.

Our Approach

Bravanti matched the MVPs with carefully selected executive coaches to guide them through this transformation.

  • Before the engagements commenced, all the executive coaches were trained on the business strategy, as well as the individual leader’s background in the organization
  • Our executive coaches worked with the MVPs to develop action plans focusing on their own leadership competencies, and concentrating on changes to their roles and responsibilities throughout the market
  • Executive coaches provided continuous support and feedback to MVPs over the course of the coaching process, readjusting action plans as needed
  • By involving the leader’s direct managers and key stakeholders, MVPs had the opportunity to define initiatives and relationships that would be key to their success
  • Bravanti provided the client with weekly project progress reports, tracked the success of the program using Coaching Evaluation Questionnaires, and utilized ROI reporting to measure tangible and intangible business outcomes

The Results

Over 50% reported that coaching had a “high” or “medium” positive impact on improved relationships with direct reports, stakeholders, peers, and clients. Several MVPs stated that it improved teamwork, elevated job satisfaction, increased organizational commitment, and reduced conflict. Over 65% of leaders reported that coaching had a “high” or “medium” positive impact on tangible areas such as bottom-line profitability, organization strength, top-line revenue, customer service, and productivity. All participants felt they made progress on changes that would improve their leadership capabilities, with more than half feeling that they had succeeded in making the changes needed.

Our Expertise

Executive Coaching

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