Welcome to Journeys in Leadership, a series of leadership videos from Bravanti’s executive coaches, diving into topics such as creating inclusive environments, inspiring a winning team, and leadership accountability. During a time that demands resilience and courageous leadership, our executive coaches are working with global business leaders to embrace change and create impact in their organizations. We hope you enjoy them, and we welcome your feedback.

Episode 1 – Introduction

Episode 2 – Unlocking  Your Potential

Episode 3 – Transformative Coaching

Episode 4 – The Leader Who Listens: Generous Listening

Episode 5 – Creating an Authentic Environment

Episode 6 – Leadership in Extraordinary Times

Episode 7 – Unlocking Your Potential: Skills for Leaders

Episode 8 – Build Stronger Leaders with Transformative Coaching

Episode 9 – Getting the Most Out of Coaching

Episode 10 – Accountability & Action for Your Leaders

Episode 11 – Setting the Stage for Success During Leader Transitions

Episode 12 – Getting the Most Out of Coaching

Episode 13 – Psychological Safety

Episode 14 – Coaching Culture

Episode 15 – High-Performing Teams

Episode 16 –
The Trust Factor

Episode 17 – The Relationship Between Trust & Commitment

Episode 18 – Three Tips for Improved Team Resilience