Bravanti helps leaders, people, and organizations find the power within to lead bravely and be prepared to meet challenges and seize opportunities in a continually uncertain business environment. Our name is forged from braveto face challenges with courage and conviction and avanti a rallying cry to move forward into the future. Bravanti means to go courageously forward, leading bravely and focused on igniting bold futures.

Our services include outplacement/career transition services, including executive advisory and Next Act, as well as services in executive coaching, executive team optimization, new leader and team acceleration, and leadership acceleration – especially for women and underrepresented groups.

Bravanti is headquartered in Chicago with 1,000 consultants
in 30 countries around the world.

Our VALUES drive everything we do


A hunger and drive to do great work always

Kindness and respect

Unequivocal qualities we demand of ourselves and deliver to our clients


Extraordinary client experiences and results that make a difference


Loyalty and reliability that fuel lasting relationships

Bravanti offers executive coaching, leadership acceleration, and outplacement/career transition

What WE DO

The relationship between an organization and its people is complex.
We believe sustainable business success requires simplifying that relationship by balancing the needs and contributions of the organization with the needs and contributions of each individual employee. This is our firm philosophy and the framework through which we approach every engagement.

From outplacement to leadership acceleration to executive coaching, Bravanti helps people and organizations understand each other’s mutual perspectives and work together for sustainable growth. Successful organizations work to understand and meet the needs of their people. Successful employees actively develop and align their personal value proposition with the changing needs of their organization and the market. Let us show you how our approach can help you achieve your goals.

Client Services Team

Sandy Davies, Bravanti

Sandy Davies, CMF
Vice President, Outplacement & Career Transition Programs & Services

Laura Dugan, Bravanti

Laura Dugan
Services Associate

Amy Geltner, Bravanti

Amy Geltner
Vice President,
Outplacement & Career Transition Operations

Linda Piva, Bravanti

Linda Piva
Career Transition Specialist, Client Services

Kevin Pallardy, Bravanti

Kevin Pallardy
Senior Advisor & Consultant

Camille Rey, Bravanti

Camille Rey
Practice Associate

Emily Reynolds, Bravanti

Emily Reynolds
Managing Director,
Outplacement & Career Transition

Mark Rossi, Bravanti

Mark Rossi
Vice President, Career Services

Peg Sausville, Bravanti

Peg Sausville
Career Specialist

Ron Sipiora, Bravanti

Ron Sipiora
Senior Vice President

Bravanti Outplacement & Career Transition Coaches

Kim Andrews, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Kim Andrews

Susan Barbee, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Susan Barbee

Catherine Borders, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Catherine Borders

Mike Broscio, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Mike Broscio

Tami Campbell, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Tami Campbell

Jan Cerny, BPI group career transition coach

Jan Cerny

Lue Cibelli, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Lu Cibelli

Pat Cross, Bravanti Career Coach

Pat Cross

Keven Dronen, Bravant Outplacement Coach

Keven Dronen

Lynton Edwards

Diane Frisch, Bravant Outplacement Coach

Diane Frisch

Lisa Hessel, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Lisa Hessel

Dee Kane, BPI group career transition coach

Dee Kane

Paula Kowalczuk, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Paula Kowalczuk

Howard Leifman, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Howard Leifman

Anne Linsdau, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Anne Linsdau

Debbie Lousberg, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Debbie Lousberg

Monique Lung, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Monique Lung

Gail Mason, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Gail Mason

Sharon McKee, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Sharon McKee

Keith Moderson, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Keith Moderson

Marian Morrill, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Marian Morrill

Toby Nathan, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Toby Nathan

Lyndy Nierman, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Lyndy Nierman

Gabriela O'Malley, BPI group career transition coach

Gabriela O’Malley

Carolyn Quintin, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Carolyn Quintin

Bruce Requilez, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Bruce Requilez

Linda Requilez, Bravanti career coach

Linda Requilez

Marcia Roznik, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Marcia Roznik

Joan Runnheim Olson, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Joan Runnheim Olson

Cherly Schofield, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Cheryl Schofield

Gary Shallo, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Gary Shallo

Pam Sheppard, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Pam Sheppard

Julie Shore, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Julie Shore

Patricia Siderius, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Patricia Siderius

Helen Singer, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Helen Singer

Ron Sipiora

Ron Sipiora

Denise Anny Taylor, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Denise Anne Taylor

Claire Walsh, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Claire Walsh

Julie Wigstone, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Julie Wigstone

Kianna Wilson, Bravanti Outplacement coach

Kianna Wilson

Manuel Zaby, Bravanti Outplacement Coach

Manuel Zaby