BPI group’s Spanish branch, MOA BPI group, recently concluded a reindustrialization project with Mondi, an international packaging firm. In the midst of restructuring its operations in Europe, Mondi decided to close a 35,000m2 manufacturing facility in Polinyà, Catalonia.

Our Spanish team partnered with Mondi to establish measures to ensure a socially responsible closure of the site, mindful both of the company’s reputation, as well as building consensus among all parties involved. MOA BPI group implemented the reindustrialization and retooling plan for the factory, and provided outplacement services for affected employees, successfully completing the project in less than 5 months. MOA BPI group was specifically chosen for our expertise in corporate social responsibility (CSR), and ability to minimize the economic and human impact of the factory closure.

The project began with a thorough analysis of the potential economic and social impact of the factory closure. MOA BPI group sought potential buyers who would be able to generate new jobs at the site, contacting over 300 companies to find a suitable investor. We then established both a project management office to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the project, and an information and counseling center where employees could seek guidance in the transition process.

After MOA BPI group connected Mondi with several interested buyers, the factory was sold to Goded Group, a laser metal-cutting firm. As part of this acquisition, Goded Group agreed to implement a sustainable and viable employment plan, including the creation of 100 new jobs over the next four years, with preference given to former Mondi employees. The announcement of the employment plan was made to the trade union in early October 2015, after MOA BPI group mediated negotiations between both companies and the city council of Polinyà. Furthermore, our team developed the communications plans for the project, crafting appropriate messaging at each step of the process.

MOA BPI group’s consulting and facilitation of effective collaboration between the two companies, employees, and local officials led to the successful retooling of the factory, while simultaneously mitigating any negative effects following Mondi’s departure from the region. Read more from La Vanguardia.